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We manage useful web resource about businesses related to emoneys.

Initial concept:
Big web portal in this niche has a great potential to generate impressive income.
Many millions of advertising $ go through e-currencies to promote businesses like those listed by us.
Many of those businesses also pay affiliate bonuses to webmasters and/or active members.

A substantial budget is needed to successfully manage and turn this project into what we wish it to become.
We do what we can with budget we have, but more funds for development and advertising would help to accelerate growth of this project and thats where Shares Program comes in.

In retrospect:
Condition of this business niche has deteriorated since we started Shares Program back in 2009.
Thats mainly due to the disappearance of popular e-currencies.
LibertyReserve - May 2013 (shutdown by government), EgoPay - January 2015 (bankruptcy due to large inside theft), AlertPay/Payza - March 2018 (shutdown by government).
Market shifted more to bitcoin, but that did not last. Transactions become too slow or too expensive.
Average transaction fees skyrocketed from a few cents to few $, then to more than $10.
They planed to fix that back in August 2017, but those plans were sabotaged.

Shares Program
We offer to share part of our income and traffic.
Bestemoneys.com earns by selling ads, VIP listings, credits, etc.
We are also supplementing income with some profits from crypto trading (since May 2021).
Every time bestemoneys.com makes a sale, qualified Shareholders receive their share of our income:
● 2/3 is distributed between all active shareholders.
● 1/6 is distributed between 5 oldest Shares owned by active shareholders.
● 1/6 is distributed between 10 oldest Shares.

Currently we accept PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin, Alt Coin (USDT, LTC, etc.)
You can use VISA/MasterCard trough PayEER.com
Simply sign up for free account at Payeer.com and add funds to your e-wallet with VISA/MasterCard.
Use your e-wallet to make anonymous purchases (your CreditCards' data remain hidden from merchant).

Shareholders receive following benefits:
150% return (50% profit) see details
cash earnings credited up to multiple times per day see details
withdraw earnings at any time
1% daily credits see details
10% up to 30% bonus Shares for larger purchases and to veteran Shareholders see details
can earn multiple e-currencies see details
can sell Shares to other member see details
own 728x90 pixels ad space at bestemoneys.com see details
can setup 125x125 pixels text ads and use credits to assign ad views see details

You will get 728x90 pixels ad spot for each Share you buy.
We do provide high quality ad exposure and targeted traffic will give you considerable benefit!
If you don't have anything in mind to advertise, you could browse our lists, locate program which offers good affiliate bonus, join them and then use your spot to advertise referral link.
Your ad will be visible in top 728x90 ads rotator and in shareholders ads list.
Value of share is used to determine ad exposure frequency ($100 will be shown 10x more than $10).

Bestemoneys.com accept multiple e-currencies, thus income comes through different payment processors.
Every time we get income through e-currency you accept, we will add your share of the earnings if:

1 - you are active Shareholder.
To remain active, you must regularly visit bestemoneys.com.
Status will remain "active" for 3 weeks after last visit.

2 - your Share is one of the oldest active Shares and you are active Shareholder.
Once your Share reaches this stage, you will get significant boost of earnings.

3 - your Share is one of the oldest active Shares.
This way we ensure that even if Shareholder forgets about us, those shares will also earn 150% (although much slower).

Each share remains active until earnings reach 150%.

Shares can be sold to other members.
If member wishes to release and use remaining principal, Share can be put for sale.
As soon as Share is bought by other member, money is added to seller's account and can be withdrawn.

Hints to maximize your income:

1 - Spend Credits to get referrals. more details here
You would get rewards from affiliate programs, thus convert Credits to cash.
For example, if program offers 10% referral bonus and you spend 500 Credits to get 100 referral visits...
You can expect that some visitors will join and be active... its likely that you could get $10 or more.
Setup text ads and spend Credits to assign ad views. more details here
1 credit will get you 30 ad views

2 - Use Share's option to benefit from site visitors.
Its strongly advised that you configure Share's 728x90 ad space to advertise your site or affiliate link.

3 - Remember to visit us regularly.
Most of the earnings are distributed between active Shareholders. see details
Shareholder's status remains "active" for 3 weeks after last log in.
You would also get 1% credits every day that you visit bestemoneys.com (must be logged in to count).

4 - Configure Share to accept multiple e-currencies.
We understand if you prefer one e-currency and want to receive all earnings thru it.
But, if you accept only one e-currency, it will take significantly longer to earn 150%.

While payment processor functions properly and cash flow allows it, we can pay to e-currency preferred by Shareholder.
If you accept multiple payment processors, you can ask to be paid to your favorite e-currency.
Bestemoneys will accommodate if we can.

Limitations and terms:
● up to 5% fee will be reduced to compensate for payment processor fees
● in case our cash flow does not allow to handle your request, it may be delayed (if mutually agreed) or refused
● we do not guarantee that this option will be available all the time for all e-currencies in all directions.
● you must be able to accept payments to selected e-currencies

How long will it take to earn 150%?
Many variables significantly affect earning's accumulation speed:
● number of days member is active (status is "active" 3 weeks after last visit).
● e-currency member use to upgrade and e-currencies member chose to accept.
● number of older active shares owned by other Shareholders.
● amount of income Bestemoneys.com generate.

Because of that, its impossible to give estimate.
The most important aspect to consider is that bestemoneys.com business model is self sustaining.

You can buy Share from other Shareholders.

Check Shares Market for a list of available Shares. (must be Logged In).

For more information you may want to check FAQ page.

Buy for $15/week
Buy for $15/week
Buy for $15/week
Buy views for $1+
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