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Argentumus accepts investments with e-currencies and promises high yield return (probably).
Individuals from all over the world are welcome to join Argentumus (probably).

Argentumus status: Paying

Extensive details about Argentumus has not yet been specified by argentumus.club owner.
So, we not yet know specific information about Argentumus investment plans and terms.

Possibly Argentumus review can be found in comments section below.
If you know more about argentumus.club services and performance, please comment on Argentumus.

Argentumus owner is invited to enter details and we will publish argentumus.club summary for free.

Added: 2023-02-14
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Members posted 3 comments. View all argentumus.club comments

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Latest comments:
:) xetang (date: 2023-03-25 17:00) Login to Reply
Instant Paying:

10.00 has been successfully sent to your Tron account TVUNrytgRM3y9aHM7gmmYaniM9EDtRnpUq.
Transaction batch is 1ca350022be624329d80008ce483fd4d336cfa8059ee482ac5 a35541d1c43516.
TxId: d1a98613b7c5e1e20a6740eeec8d24e7f2e2684f871aaf6452 e4ef20899fec4a
Address: TVUNrytgRM3y9aHM7gmmYaniM9EDtRnpUq
Date: 2023/03/25 23:13:26
Symbol: TRX - Quantity: 150.35729200 TRX - Status: Completed

Thanks admin
:) xetang (date: 2023-03-13 16:55) Login to Reply
Instant Paying:

2023/03/13 02:24:12
TRX 159.96833800 Completed
Status: Completed
TxId: dd25499a9214abf6b5f8c9d6eaf05e8d871337c38c9c6115ab f6420981634a23
Address: TVUNrytgRM3y9aHM7gmmYaniM9EDtRnpUq
Date: 2023/03/13 02:24:12 - Symbol: TRX - Quantity: 159.96833800 TRX

Thanks admin
:) xetang (date: 2023-02-28 07:27) Login to Reply
Instant Paying:

10.00 has been successfully sent to your Tron account TVUNrytgRM3y9aHM7gmmYaniM9EDtRnpUq.
Transaction batch is 57ede496bae6b3ef984901f87d3a69ad1e2b094c002dec8953 ae4d2d4e0436a2.
Status: Completed
TxId: 6d97587d8f4e90493899278b6b8796cac8b18008e27ee8e33d eae5c99507e037
Address: TVUNrytgRM3y9aHM7gmmYaniM9EDtRnpUq
Date: 2023/02/28 00:24:38 - Symbol: TRX - Quantity: 181.70263700 TRX

Thanks admin

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