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CEX.IO is a UK-based Bitcoin exchange established in 2013. CEX.IO claims to provide the best experience of buying Bitcoins with credit cards and debit cards.

Accept: Bitcoin, VISA/MasterCard
Order processed within 1 day

Affiliate bonus: 30%

CEX.IO is a UK-based Bitcoin exchange established in 2013. CEX.IO claims to provide the best experience of buying Bitcoins with credit cards and debit cards. The assertion is based on the exchange’s ideal conditions for quick and successful processing of card payments, the wide range of acceptable payment cards, and numerous positive feedbacks from users. CEX.IO provides steady services backed by cold cryptocurrency storage, financial viability, and profound legal compliance.

Within CEX.IO affiliate program, you can earn 30% of fee from all trade transactions of referred users, including all their future trades/purchases.
Added: 2013-10-25 | Started: 2013-07-01 (4031 days ago)
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Latest comments:
... ikben83 (date: 2016-02-01 01:32) Login to Reply
things changed a lot recently
:) ikben83 (date: 2015-02-12 20:04) Login to Reply
things has changed, no more NMC to trade GHS with etc..
New plan, trade between GHS and BTC, make sure the difference is always between 600 and 1000mBTC or higher to profit good! Easy!
This happens always few times, count on it!
you'll profit, 1%-2% every time
sometimes there is a realy higher peak i guess its an injection from CEX,io
:) ikben83 (date: 2014-08-20 06:19) Login to Reply
They just added trades; DOGE, DRK and IXC.. I trade now only
in GHS$$ Coz of the market that is lo on BTC.
I profit several times a day 107%, AVG 6times or so.
Total 42% increase on my investments..
Other I use, DOGEBTC, granted its only 0,00000024 to 0,00000026
but that's already a 108% profit on investments
It shifts all the times, several times ad day. AVG depends, 9times or so..
:) ikben83 (date: 2014-08-02 05:44) Login to Reply
Increase of 102% every time I exchange, so each $100, I gain $2
that 2-3 times a day, is $4-$6 daily. Certain!
:) ikben83 (date: 2014-07-28 10:14) Login to Reply
these are great tips!
:) ikben83 (date: 2014-07-26 08:54) Login to Reply
Advise, Always buy at lowest levels, And Sell at highest levels
at every exchange, you'll be fine! Its not like FOREX.. its easier..
When you look the overview in a past month, you see you CAN double at times, when you exchange between those earlier mentioned..
TIP, buy GHS when BTC is lowest levels,, You can always sell again at higher levels, But watch exchange to NMC and later to BTC again.
Notice you are selling between those steps.. so always look at highest levels..
Example, buy GHS when BTC is low,
then sell GHS when NMC is high,
then sell NMC when BTC is high.. outcome is more profit!
:) ikben83 (date: 2014-07-26 08:46) Login to Reply
I just use the wallet to earn bitcoins from diverse sites, harvesting a few.. Do that several times, you have a good wallet..
then Keep exchanging between
BTC>GHS.. GHS>NMC.. NMC>BTC= always profit.
start low profits ofcourse, feel the rhythm a bit..
Notice, that you Buy GHS, you automatically have shares of their mining.
So you earn stuff too.

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