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Members posted 20 comments about Topsurfer.com.
Feel free to share your expierence and comment Topsurfer

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... masoan (date: 2011-05-08 20:12) Login to Reply
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:) fourjems08 (date: 2011-08-10 22:40) Login to Reply
I have been paid by topsurfer. I am a few cents away now to reaching my 2nd payout of $10. It's a great site.
... bhadawang (date: 2011-09-13 08:52) Login to Reply
I have been paid from "Stan" Top-Surfer. The completely Traffic Exchange because they give many kinds of service that another TE don't like a PTR Solo-ads, surfer-leveling, IRS(tax subscription) and I already paid.
:( afuema (date: 2011-11-18 13:38) Login to Reply
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premiumbg's reply to afuema (date: 2015-06-10 22:07) Login to Reply
R afuema's reply to premiumbg (date: 2015-11-29 18:49) Login to Reply
I had reached the minimum payout, and Topsurfer.com had deleted my Account!
:( hoanghac (date: 2011-12-30 04:56) Login to Reply
i do not like irs from to-surfer. why internatinal must submit?
:) bridget65 (date: 2013-01-22 05:06) Login to Reply
I have sign up for this website.
... harba24 (date: 2013-10-03 04:26) Login to Reply
:) airliu (date: 2015-04-29 08:57) Login to Reply
Earn $0.003 for reading e-mails+Earn $0.0006 for every site you view+surf 150 sites daily=Earn more than $0.10 daily
:) airliu (date: 2015-06-25 10:26) Login to Reply
Top Edge Services LLC sent you $10,00 USD Topsurfer Username: airliu - payment for services on TopSurfer
... papu91 (date: 2015-06-28 19:00) Login to Reply
:) airliu (date: 2015-09-09 18:56) Login to Reply
Surf the Hit Exchange and earn .0006 for each site you view.

Open and read TopSurfer Solo-Ads for each solo-ad you read then click and open the link and view the site, you will earn .003 USD.
.?. jimmyht509 (date: 2016-04-05 05:30) Login to Reply
is that really goo
:( purpleeagle (date: 2016-04-22 00:27) Login to Reply
member of topsurfer for over 2 years; until the other day.
Last week they suspended my account for " framebreaker";
the site had been on rotation for the whole time I was a member.
I went ahead and deleted the ad.
Put in ticket as requested; a week went by and no reply from admin and I was still suspended, plus my email account was still being overloaded by their email ads ( that I couldn't click for credit ) I am done with site. Deleted my account.
... deray30 (date: 2016-05-12 12:56) Login to Reply
This site legit or scam?
airliu's reply to deray30 (date: 2018-09-19 18:10) Login to Reply
legit and paying for years
by the way you can earn 0.5$ daily just for viewing ads and reading mails inside)
... asiii777 (date: 2017-04-07 23:56) Login to Reply
Good one
... asiii777 (date: 2017-04-10 00:09) Login to Reply
new one dont know abt this but looks good
:) airliu (date: 2018-10-04 10:41) Login to Reply
paid again)
This email is sent to notify you that we processed your payment.
We sent the payment via: Cryptocurrency
The amount we sent was: 10.23
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