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2018-01-01 Today we celebrate our 9th New Year. Happy New Year.

2017-12-24 Merry Christmas Eve and happy upcoming Christmas holidays.
Its time to celebrate with our loved ones.

During holidays all our automated systems should continue to function normally.

2017-11-03 OkPay e-currency has been bought by Mayzus Financial Services Ltd.
For the time being we have disabled OkPay payment option.

Under new management previously verified accounts are now limited and require new verification before we can send any funds.

We are not sure whether this business niche will be supported by new OkPay, more research must be done.
Final decision about OkPay will be made some time during this month (probably next week).

If we decide to no longer accept OkPay, we will add an option to transfer member account balance in okpay to STP, PM, BTC or Payeer balance.

During this year cash flow through okpay was negligible.
It will not affect our business.

2017-10-13 Hacker just run a bot on us that tried to guess login for many accounts.
If you use same password in multiple websites, we recommend that you change your password.

Many login combinations (probably obtained from some other website in this niche) were tried.
Most were incorrect.

Before we managed to block it, successful login was made in a few dozen accounts.

We have contacted affected members.

2017-09-25 Today is our 8th anniversary. To celebrate, Bestemoneys will give 8% cash bonus to members who purchase new Shares during September 25-30.

Bonus will be added to account balance and you will be able to withdraw it.
Bonus will not count as part of Share's earnings (you will get extra 8%).

Bonuses have been added.

2017-07-17 Special Summer offer: you can get 20% bonus Share, if you buy older Shares in market.
Minimum purchase to get bonus is $5 Shares. This offer is valid from July 17 till August 31, 2017.

You can buy older Shares in Shares Market.

We will apply bonus to Shares initial value (or buy multiple small Shares and we will sum their value).
For example:
$10 Share can be on sale for price ranging anywhere from few $ to more than $10.
Lets say there is one $10 Share on sale for $7.85
You can fund your account with $8 and then buy that Share.
You will have $10 Share + $2 bonus Share.

Minimum bonus Share is $1
$1 bonus for $5 - $9 Shares.
$2 bonus for $10 - $14 Shares.
$3 bonus for $15 - $19 Shares.

Bonus Shares will be added once per week on Fridays.

Note: This offer is intended to free up our Shares Market.
You will not be able to buy Share, get bonus and then just sell that Share (Sell option for that Share will be disabled for first 30 days).

2017-05-14 Special offer: 20% discount for Silver, Gold and Platinum Shareholder memberships.
Regular members receive 150% return, Silver - 165%, Gold - 180% and Platinum - 195%!

Buy new Shares during May 15 - 31 for
$800 (usually $1000) and get Silver Membership,
$1600 (usually $2000) and get Gold Membership,
$4000 (usually $5000) and get Platinum Membership.

More information about all benefits can be found here:

Upgrade will be processed manually within two business days.

2017-04-16 Easter surprise offer: Bestemoneys will give 10% cash bonus to members who purchase new Share for a minimum $10 during April 16 - 17. Happy Easter!

Bonus will be added on April 18th to account balance and member will be able to withdraw or spend it.

2017-02-07 Yesterday our hosting provider had "a fiber cut" and website was down for a few hours. Sorry for the inconvenience and worries that it may have caused.

To compensate advertisers for this downtime, we have extended expiration date for Top ad spots and VIP listings.

2017-01-20 First surprise offer of this Year! Get bonus Share worth up to $100.
Bestemoneys gives bonus $10 Share to members who purchase new Share for $100...

$20 Share to members who purchase two new $100 Shares.
$30 Share to members who purchase three new $100 Shares.
$100 Share to members who purchase ten new $100 Shares.

This offer is valid during January 20 - 31, 2017.

Update: Bonus Shares have been assigned

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