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Members posted 30 comments about Donkeymails.com.
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... makmerghen (date: 2011-06-23 15:35) Login to Reply
the best
:) bella77 (date: 2011-09-02 07:14) Login to Reply
This is very good site to earn but not only clicking but mailer. Very stable and paying.
:) kajak (date: 2011-09-26 01:01) Login to Reply
very good site !!
:) khhasan9 (date: 2011-09-26 06:04) Login to Reply
System is very good
... kajak (date: 2011-10-17 03:54) Login to Reply
best site
... kajak (date: 2011-10-17 03:55) Login to Reply
best site
:) ptcsteps100 (date: 2012-04-09 19:41) Login to Reply
a number of ways to earn with this site
:) eljotik (date: 2012-08-18 23:05) Login to Reply
good gptr with no minimum to payut, pays me many times
:) siddiqtrde (date: 2012-09-01 21:42) Login to Reply
simplly the best in the world...
... forexyno (date: 2012-09-22 20:30) Login to Reply
very good site !!--SUPPER
:) ss9768 (date: 2012-11-04 10:39) Login to Reply
very good, multiple earning options. unlimited earning with ptp also cashless upgrades available with points
:) bishnu1990 (date: 2012-11-18 16:56) Login to Reply
paying site
... lincomer (date: 2013-01-15 04:20) Login to Reply
i have been more cashout fro dkm,this good earning stable
... cjames (date: 2013-04-06 14:57) Login to Reply
Donkeymails is a site with PTC, emails, tasks, paid to sign up, etc. So there are lots of ways to make money. And there are so many ads to click that I have never finished them all. I think you make more money from the emails, though, because they pay a bit more. One note, I tried their ad co-op for referrals one month. I got 11 referrals, but none of them was active, so I can't recommend that.
ikben83's reply to cjames (date: 2014-06-21 16:28) Login to Reply
i second that, dont know about the reffs but, very optional indeed!
... coppermines (date: 2013-05-25 06:22) Login to Reply
Trusted...I'm already earn with this site.
.?. destiny007 (date: 2013-05-25 21:45) Login to Reply
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:) rachid902 (date: 2013-06-29 04:27) Login to Reply
good site a got my first paiment
:) banya21 (date: 2013-10-28 00:33) Login to Reply
very good paying site
... dinvi (date: 2014-01-20 03:58) Login to Reply
Good site
... ilyasanwar1 (date: 2014-04-21 20:46) Login to Reply
Many ways of earning. Minimum payout $1.
ikben83's reply to ilyasanwar1 (date: 2014-06-21 16:26) Login to Reply
a lot W/Ds good for bit of earnings, can imagine when you have referrals to earn from even more..
:) ikben83 (date: 2014-06-21 16:30) Login to Reply
Many payment processors supported, fast payment within days! confirmation by mail
:) ikben83 (date: 2014-06-22 06:24) Login to Reply
you can earn without really trying about $0,01 a day.. CTR, surf and emails.. Minimun to W/D is $0,01, all ages!
... dayamenti (date: 2015-09-26 19:04) Login to Reply
Donkeymails.com No Minimum Payout!
PaidToClick plans
Accept: Payza, PayPal, PerfectMoney, RoutePay, SolidTrustPay

Earnings credited to program account, withdrawal paid within 2 weeks
Minimum withdrawal: $0.01
:) royce128 (date: 2017-02-24 10:48) Login to Reply
very good site
:) rebel72 (date: 2017-03-25 00:43) Login to Reply
very good site. 5 referral levels, low cashout
buy upgrade and get much more ptc links and other
many different tasks offers surveys
:) tony90bg (date: 2017-05-12 03:15) Login to Reply
hay van pay binh thuong
jayakanth's reply to tony90bg (date: 2017-07-09 16:26) Login to Reply
:) fininet (date: 2017-11-25 07:19) Login to Reply
next payout in my pm account
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