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Every day dozens of new businesses related to E-Currencies are launched.
Many of them chose e-currencies to pay for advertising campaigns.

We are talking about millions of $ spent for ads each year!
Would you like to get some of those advertising $? Then please read on.

You may believe that to benefit from advertisers you must first own popular website.
You may know that a lot of time and specific skills are required to successfully manage website.
In the past there was no other way to benefit from these advertisers, but we are here to change that.

Now BesteMoneys system lets you to tap in that multi-million revenue stream.
You do not need to have specific skills and it will take just a few minutes of your time.

You can simply buy piece of this portal and become a Shareholder.
We will then share portion of income with you and you will own 728x90 ad spot.
Your Share would remain active until you receive 150% return.

$1 Share can gain $0.5 profit
$10 Share can gain $5 profit
$100 Share can gain $50 profit
Ten $100 Shares can gain $500 profit
Hundred $100 Shares can gain $5000 profit

Each time we gain income, earnings are credited to Shareholders.
This can happen multiple times per day or one time per day, or sometimes more than a day can pass.

In addition you would also get "Link Credits": What's that?
20% Link Credits bonus upon purchase
(buy Share for $100 and get 2000 Link Credits)
1% daily Link Credits for visiting us ($100 Shares would get 100 Link Credits daily)

If you wish, you can configure your Share to be automatically renewed and withdraw only profit, or you can withdraw all earnings at any time.

Buy Share for $
upon expiration automatically buy new Share details
You can use VISA/MasterCard trough Payeer.com
Register for free at Payeer and you can add funds to your e-wallet with VISA/MasterCard.

Share must be assigned to password protected account. If you already created account, please login.
If you wish to join and explore members area prior buying Share, please Join Here.

Fill this form to create new account and pay for Share:
Your Name:
Your Username:
maximum 20 characters
Your e-mail:
Your Password:
Repeat Password:
Password recovery: system sends email upon request
Enter code Turing

You can also buy Share from other Shareholder.
Old Share's price possibly is set to be better than new Share. Shares For Sale list (must be Logged In).

Learn more: Details about Shares Program | Shares Program Reviews | Frequently Asked Questions
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Buy for $20/week
Magnetic Exchange - Instant exchange
Buy for $20/week
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