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Reviewed by Hyip News Reviews
Avik R Das wrote following review about us:

Hello friends, today I am going to introduce a very new investment opportunity to you guys. It is a profit sharing program and also it is an online directory which consists relevant links of online money making world such as forums, blogs, investment opportunity and so on. But today, we will discuss about another edge of this online directory, which is their profit sharing program called BestEMoneys share. Now, don't get confused. It is a very simple earning method, introduced long ago and proved to be sustainable. There are various amount of shares available from $1 to $100. If you buy any amount, then along with the share you will also get a free 728x90 banner spot to advertise your own affiliate link or anything you might like. As soon as the program generates profit, as a shareholder you will get the profit share based on the shares on your hold.

Now, let me dig in details of it. Suppose, you bought some share whose value is $10. For easy calculation, lets take $10,000 as a total value of the share owned by share holders like you. So, if we calculate the percentage of your share, it is coming that,

(Your investment on shares * 100%)/Total value of shares = percentage of share you own
($10 * 100)/$10,000 = 0.1%

That means, for the present valuation of company, you own 0.1% of the company shares. Now, today the company made a profit of $2500. So, on the basis of your own share, your return will be $2.50 at that day. I hope now it's clear to everyone that how a profit share program works. BestEMoneys share program works on exactly using this structure. They are offering shares from $1 upto $100 maximum.now here, apart from the daily profit share you will be getting some more advantages if you are a shareholder. They will give you a free 728x90 banner spot for owning the share. However, the banner will be in rotation with other shareholder's banners. The more amount of share you buy, the more the banner will be shown in the rotation. Means, if you own $10 share then your banner will be shown 10 times more that a shareholder's banner whose value is $1 and so on.

The share you own is having an expiration period. The day your income will reach 150% on the amount of your share, the share will be expired automatically. Means if your share value is $10, it will expire when your return from this share reaches $15. But instead of just buying, you also have to maintain some rules to remain ac active shareholder. You have to login to your account each day atleast once. The day you miss it, you will loose the earning for the next day. But since they are very new, admin have given some relaxation till 1st September,2010. But after that timeframe you need to login daily to receive next day's earning.

BestEMoneys accepts a large choice of E currencies like Liberty Reserve, AlertPay, SolidTrustPay, StrictPay and C-Gold. There is no affiliate commission awarded by the administration right at the moment. However, I support admin for this, because not having affiliate commission will help the program become more stable. Since HYIP industry is running through a high depression, investors can try this one because history says profit sharing program usually more stabler that that any other form of investment. So I think BestEMoney will prove themselves as a good place for investment by running and paying for years. My best wishes are with you guys.

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Buy for $20/week
Magnetic Exchange - Instant exchange
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