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We offer 9 Different Advertising Options and the ability to Create Multiple Streams of Income with our Outstanding Commission Plan!

3x9 matrix
Membership cost $9.99 Benefit:
Gold Member
Level 1: $1 per referral. Maximum 3 referrals - up to $3
Level 2: $0.5 per referral. Maximum 9 referrals - up to $4.5
Level 3: $0.5 per referral. Maximum 27 referrals - up to $13.5
Level 4: $0.25 per referral. Maximum 81 referrals - up to $20.25
Level 5: $0.25 per referral. Maximum 243 referrals - up to $60.75
Level 6: $0.5 per referral. Maximum 729 referrals - up to $364.5
Level 7: $0.5 per referral. Maximum 2187 referrals - up to $1093.5
Level 8: $0.5 per referral. Maximum 6561 referrals - up to $3280.5
Level 9: $1 per referral. Maximum 19683 referrals - up to $19683
Maximim earnings can reach up to $24523.50

Accept: Payza,
Earnings credited to program account, withdrawal paid instantly
Minimum withdrawal: upgraded member - $5 | free member - $5
Referral bonus to investor: 20%
Referral bonus to regular member: 10%
Script: Original, simple

We offer to our upgraded members Direct Commissions, Forced Matrix Commissions and Profit-Sharing Commissions. Our innovative Intellishare system share the profits in a different, more intelligent way. Intellishare was created to provide an equal and fair opportunity for all members to reap significant rewards. ItThis opportunity is We share and not ONLY the first few members.

Our Commission Plan is simply Outstanding. We offer to our members 100% Commission Payout through our Commission Plan. This means that the $9.99 that they spend to Upgrade their account or to Advertise their Product, are ALL splitted through our Members.
Added: 2009-09-28 | Archived: 2019-11-28 | Started: 2009-04-30 (4081 days ago)
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Buy for $20/week
Magnetic Exchange - Instant exchange
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