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Essentially, a { Feeder Program } is a lower priced business opportunity that allows the prospect the ability to generate enough funds to be able to afford the higher price entry fee.

Accept: Payza,
Earnings paid directly to ecurrency account

Script: Original, advanced

The Feeder offers You the ability to promote your online opportunity through its network of over 20 sites by using its "Token" system. You can use Tokens to add advertising to 5,10 or even all the listed sites simultaneously from one convenient place;The Feeder Member area!

The Feeder is also an earning opportunity where members are strongly motivated to promote by our attractive commission structure.

In fact we do offer 90 to 100% commission to our members:

- 40 to 50% of Direct Referral Commission

- 40 to 50% of Matrix Commission

We have implemented The Feeder with 3 affordable, different and remunerative 3x12 Forced Matrix Commission Plans.
Added: 2012-10-04 | Started: 2012-10-04 (2418 days ago)
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Latest comments:
:) bittzy78 (date: 2015-02-23 08:51) Login to Reply
Goodness! I have never seen this program before but after giving it a good look i am 100% sold on spending a massive $5 on it. I am pretty confident that I can make my $5 by advertising this program on my Bitcoin Faucet site.
:) cjames (date: 2013-04-09 11:02) Login to Reply
In my earlier comment, I didn't mention income. That's because I joined for the advertising. The Feeder pays for referral upgrades and has 3 matrices: silver, gold, and platinum. Buying advertising also buys you a matrix position. Silver costs $5 and gives you 5 ad tokens, which buys, e.g., 5000 banner impressions on 5 sites, so 25000 impressions. That's cheap. Gold costs $25 and gives you 30 tokens. I think platinum costs $50. It gives you 70 tokens. I won't describe matrix payouts, because that is too complicated. Join The Feeder if you want inexpensive ads plus income.
... cjames (date: 2013-04-05 05:35) Login to Reply
I really like the idea of The Feeder Network. From this site, you can advertise on 20 different sites. You earn direct commissions plus matrix commissions. Inexpensive $5 upgrade option. There is a PIF program to help you get referrals. Also, the PowerBuilder link gives you $500 of free advertising--and you can offer this to others to get more referrals. Overall, a well-thought-out program.

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