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Accept: SolidTrustPay, PayPal, Payza, Net Spand, ATM Cards
Earnings credited to program account, withdrawal paid within 1 day
Minimum withdrawal: upgraded member - $5 | free member - $n/a

Script: Unspecified

Happy Hour 4 Your Wallet "Pay Plan"

* Scroll to bottom to see Cost to join Break down of where cash goes.

* Also our great products, members area joining just for those!


1. Your first sale/commission (and person) is passed up to your sponsor.

2. Now you are qualified. Your next sale and ALL other sales YOU KEEP!

3. You make your second sale and ALL other sales are yours to keep.

This starts your first Cash-line and you will be paid $20 on ALL sales. FOREVER!

4. This second sale/person must pass YOU their first sale/person to qualify for referral bonuses.

* This is HUGE you now get ALL your sponsored members FIRST sales.

5. Now it gets really HOT $$$ You get ALL their First sales too! And so on... WOW $

$20.00 / $100.00 / $500.00 / $5000.00 / $50,000.00 its now HAPPY HOUR !

6. You get the 1st sale of the 1st sale of the first sale over and over again FOREVER!

* This system has made Millionaires for over 30 years and now you can too.

* You now have your OWN web site and can make Thousands whenever you want.

This Massive Pay System combined with our Happy Hour web site is here to make you Money for years to come, just use our email leads and promo tools to succeed Fast!

Income at Happy Hour can be as BIG as you want!

No restrictions / No rules / No Cut off / No Max on withdraws.

Check out our Happy Hour Projection table...
Added: 2015-04-23 | Archived: 2019-03-29 | Started: 2015-04-23 (1491 days ago)
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Members posted 8 comments. View all happyhour4yourwallet.com comments

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Latest comments:
... joebux (date: 2015-05-01 07:12) Login to Reply
I hope I didn't confuse with these lengthy details - my opening sentences explained it all, the rest was just details of the same old, "1up to your own account" game...

Now I will register for other forums I find the happyhour4yourwallet.com SCAM being promoted on!

More layta...
... joebux (date: 2015-05-01 07:10) Login to Reply
You will now have THREE upgraded accounts for the price of TWO upgraded accounts.rnBUT, you will ONLY promote your TWO secondary accounts (which you are the sponsor of!), giving YOU an 1up $20 commissions.rnrnThus your SMART REFERRAL will get the 1up payment he generates and you will get ONLY 2 1up payments!rnI will explain this later, but for now I am registering for ALL forums that have are promoting happyhour4yourwallet.com so I can tell the internet world what a SCAM happyhour4yourwallet.com is!!!
... joebux (date: 2015-05-01 07:09) Login to Reply
It's actually WORSE than that because your referrals will be tempted to LEAVE your downline and get PIF'd for FREE instead of upgrading under you then you get NO $20 1up commissions at all!
Of course any SMART REFERRAL will see this and you will LOSE that referral that you just promoted in order to get!

This SMART REFERRAL will LEAVE your downline and go for the PIF, as I did, and then simply upgrade signup TWICE under his own link for ~ $80 - in order to get the PIF you must promise to get TWO upgraded accounts. Then they will PIF your upgrade.
... joebux (date: 2015-05-01 07:07) Login to Reply
What you are hoping for is a DUMB REFERRAL that will NOT signup under his own link and then promote his one and only link, of which YOU are the sponsor - this is the ONLY way you will get ANY more than TWO 1 UP commissions!

I can't believe any referral will not become aware of this before long, if not BEFORE upgrading in the first place, so you will be very LUCKY to get even one DUMB REFERRAL!

ANYONE can see how this will DENY you any more than TWO 1up payments - one goes to your 1st account when your SMART REFERRAL signs up. The 2nd $20 payment will go to your 2nd account when your SMART RE
... joebux (date: 2015-05-01 07:06) Login to Reply
BUT he will make out better because he now has TWO accounts (his own) that he can promote and drive 1up payments to HIMSELF as the sponsor of now TWO accounts! That is IF he/she is a SMART referral!rnrnThat is because a SMART REFERRAL will signup under his own link so that HE and not you gets the 1up commission payments.rnThe admin of the SCAM known as happyhour4yourwallet.com will make $10 and MORE per upgrade, no matter what you and your referral do... As long as you upgrade, admin gets PAID!
... joebux (date: 2015-05-01 07:04) Login to Reply
And that's ONLY IF he upgrades under you and doesn't do the SMART thing and LEAVE your downline, start a NEW account so they can upgrade via PIF for FREE, that account!

In the PIF case, the person will have to get 2 upgraded members (the PIF terms) but that will NOT make a difference in cost for your now EX referral:
This referral will actually MAKE OUT BETTER by getting a PIF instead of upgrading on his/her own as YOUR member,
He will still ONLY pay $40 TWICE costing him $80 and generating $40 in commissions for you.
... joebux (date: 2015-05-01 07:02) Login to Reply
Just for starters - since this upgrading grants a 1up payment to your sponsor, it only makes sense, since you CAN, to buy a membership from yourself and promote THAT link since YOU, as your sponsor, will be the one who gets the 1 up payment.

Your SMART REFERRAL then, and NOT you, will receive those 1 up payments - you will ONLY get, AT MOST, 2 $20 1up (for a total of $40) commissions when your SMART REFERRAL upgrades under you (first 1up $20 payment) and then a SECOND 1up $20 payment (going to your SECOND account)...
... joebux (date: 2015-05-01 06:59) Login to Reply
LOL! This is a HUGE scam folx... DON'T waste your time and money!rnI will explain more as I signup and register for ALL the forums this is being pimped on and SPREAD THE WORD on this SCAM!! But for now: Know that you will NOT get repeated 1 up payments unless your get a DUMB REFERRAL! If you get a SMART REFERRAL, only he and NOT you will get the 1up $20 commissions your SMART REFERRAL generates! That's it in a nutshell but here is a detailed explanation...

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