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Members posted 3 comments about Thefeeder.net.
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... cjames (date: 2013-04-05 05:35) Login to Reply
I really like the idea of The Feeder Network. From this site, you can advertise on 20 different sites. You earn direct commissions plus matrix commissions. Inexpensive $5 upgrade option. There is a PIF program to help you get referrals. Also, the PowerBuilder link gives you $500 of free advertising--and you can offer this to others to get more referrals. Overall, a well-thought-out program.
:) cjames (date: 2013-04-09 11:02) Login to Reply
In my earlier comment, I didn't mention income. That's because I joined for the advertising. The Feeder pays for referral upgrades and has 3 matrices: silver, gold, and platinum. Buying advertising also buys you a matrix position. Silver costs $5 and gives you 5 ad tokens, which buys, e.g., 5000 banner impressions on 5 sites, so 25000 impressions. That's cheap. Gold costs $25 and gives you 30 tokens. I think platinum costs $50. It gives you 70 tokens. I won't describe matrix payouts, because that is too complicated. Join The Feeder if you want inexpensive ads plus income.
:) bittzy78 (date: 2015-02-23 08:51) Login to Reply
Goodness! I have never seen this program before but after giving it a good look i am 100% sold on spending a massive $5 on it. I am pretty confident that I can make my $5 by advertising this program on my Bitcoin Faucet site.
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