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Members posted 7 comments about Onedayrewards.com.
Feel free to share your expierence and comment OneDayRewards

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:) bySims (date: 2016-03-30 18:21) Login to Reply
I read about OneDayRewards on Peddecash.com. OneDayRewards is a dominant GPT site. It's a staple in my portfolio!

Visit or Register!
:) glendolen (date: 2017-02-16 15:11) Login to Reply
I've been a member here for a month now, and I've earned over $150 so far.
The site has a very low withdraw minimum of just ten cents and you can get PayPal or Bitcoins.
... salamer12 (date: 2018-01-04 09:48) Login to Reply
I love this site, I always get paid in less than one day (hence the site's name) and there's alot of offers walls to choose from compared to most sites.
:) jocon4 (date: 2018-06-02 09:38) Login to Reply
one of my best sites.
the offers here seem to credit the best
:) hazy (date: 2018-07-14 03:48) Login to Reply
solid GPT with enough walls to keep you busy for a couple hours.
I just put some music on and click away
:) saads (date: 2018-10-12 05:02) Login to Reply
I joined OneDayRewards a few days ago.
I found Admin very honest and pays always on Time.
See payment proof https://snag.gy/qAmHRC.jpg
Just say to thank you OneDayReward,
... contack (date: 2018-10-13 17:44) Login to Reply
A few days ago it was stable but now it is not.
I joined and when I withdraw $ 2 then the account is immediately suspended and not registered in the future .
I also asked some of my friends and they were like me .Be careful when joining you will be suspended when withdrawing money and receive nothing from him . You will receive an unreasonable cheater message and the account is closed when you withdraw money .I contacted the admin but he still did not reply . He still pays for some people to prove he still pays .
Now your payout rate is 50%
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